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What Are The Pain-Free Music Guides?

The Pain-Free Music Guides offer musicians a simple, straight-forward look at:

  • Relieving chronic pain,

  • Quelling performance anxiety, and

  • Achieving effortless mastery.

The Pain-Free Practice Guide


Practicing is a time for learning, but it's also a time when many musicians experience pain, soreness, numbness, or tingling.

Use this guide to help prevent pain and discomfort in your arms and back so you can focus more on learning your repertoire and less on managing your pain.

The Effortless Mastery Guide


Effortless mastery is a cool idea, but how do you actually get there?

The Effortless Mastery Guide provides a simple road-map for achieving the highest levels of excellence without pain or strain.

The Fearless Cofidence Guide


For some musicians, stage fright is a crippling problem that turns performing into an ordeal. However, beta-blockers have unwanted side-effects, and muscle relaxants dull your mind and make your playing sloppy.

The Fearless Confidence Guide helps you relieve anxiety without losing your edge, so you can feel both relaxed and on-point when you're performing.

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Joseph Arnold is an Alexander Technique teacher, violinist, and founder of Pain-Free Music.

Pain-Free Music helps musicians reach their fullest potential by relieving chronic pain, overuse injuries, and excess tension. It is based on the Alexander Technique. 

Joseph used the Alexander Technique to fully recover from the repetitive strain injuries that almost ended his career as a violinist, and now teaches other musicians how to do this through Pain-Free Music programs.

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