Meet Joseph Arnold,

founder of Pain-Free Music


Joseph Arnold

Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, & Founder of Pain-Free Music

Joseph's Story:

A violinist in pain.

"In my second year of conservatory I started to experience sharp pain in my forearms that quickly spread to my neck and back. When it was clear that the pain wasn't going away I began to see doctors and wellness professionals of all kinds. A year and a half - and thousands of dollars - later, I was still in pain and it looked as though my music career was over before it started."

A surprising discovery.

"Then I took a class on the Alexander Technique where I learned how to let go of the tension in my muscles that caused my pain. After each class I would feel like I was floating across the room, and, when my teacher worked with me, playing violin became effortless and pain-free. I knew I had found my solution."

A new way forward.

"The results of what I've learned since then have been profound and far-reaching:

  • My repetitive strain injuries and chronic pain are now non-existent.

  • I am now totally pain-free and I have a successful career as a professional violinist.

  • My body feels comfortable and relaxed, even during high-pressure performances.

  • I never have to worry about giving up playing music.


"I have now successfully taught dozens of musicians how to dramatically reduce their levels of pain and overcome repetitive strain injuries, once and for all."

Pain-Free Music

Musicians overcoming repetitive strain injuries, once and for all.

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