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Pain-Free Music

The most reliable system for overcoming repetitive strain injuries in the world.

Many of my students experience an 80%-90% reduction in days of pain over the course of about 3-6 months.

My students achieve these results even in the midst of their busy rehearsal and performance schedule.


This reduction in pain is often permanent because they learn how to overcome the real root cause of the pain, not merely mask the symptoms.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone can achieve these results. First of all, everybody's different. The students who do achieve these results, like those on this page, are very coachable, they took the initiative, they really applied themselves to overcoming the challenges they faced - and they got terrific results. I can in no way promise that you'll get these results, but if you're committed to overcoming the repetitive strain injuries once and for all, I'm here for you!

My Guarantee

If, at the end of my program, you still experience 15 or more days of moderate to intense pain per month you will receive four more lessons for free. If, at the end of those four lessons you haven't experienced a further reduction in pain, I will give you yet another four lessons for free.

With this guarantee, there is no way you will walk away from this program without having made a dramatic and life-long reduction in the intensity and frequency of your pain.

Here's What My Students Have To Say...

Yoni Draiblate

Principal Cello, Symphony in C

I came to Joseph because I noticed some unnecessary effort in my playing, and was looking for any ideas about how to relieve the physical stress.

Before I studied with Joseph, whenever my hand would hurt, I would think of what I can do better with my shoulders; in other words, the troubleshooting was very regional and I did not think that stress and finger fatigue can result from improper stance.


Now that we've worked together, if I follow his advice while playing it usually results in very little or no fatigue.

Joseph starts from the ground up - walking away from the instrument and balancing things from there, then bringing that balance back to the instrument. I found Joseph to be extremely sensitive to any minor adjustments or inefficiencies in my body.

Joseph is very well spoken and clear, very sensitive and knowledgeable. Joseph worked with me on my specific issues and together we found out the problem areas and possible solutions.There was no cookie-cutter technique or instruction in any point during the lesson.

I noticed an immediate improvement when I let my feet be in full contact with the ground. From there on I was able to move every part of my body much more easily.

The biggest benefits I noticed are:
A. Getting rid of unnecessary tension.
B. Learning about your body and how to balance it
C. These lessons are a great chance to take a vacation from our daily routines; routines which often can be not ideal for our bodies.

To those of you wondering if you should work with Joseph:

- It simply works!
- Take more lessons!


And to Joseph:
Just a big THANK YOU!

Ed Shultz

Principal Flute, PA Ballet, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia

While many reach out to practicing Alexander Technique because of pain while playing, my reason was different. Now that I am over 60 I want to make sure that my playing REMAINS pain free. I reasoned that the skills of alignment gained from this study might add years to my ability to perform.

I found in Joseph a calm, centered teacher who quickly and comfortably made me aware of some habits that were weighing me down in my approach to the instrument. He works with simple things such as standing, walking and sitting. Then he observes and guides you to becoming more aware of your relationship with your instrument.


Through some simple practices and tuning into this heightened awareness I have the keys to becoming better aligned, freer and somehow lighter.

I think that there is value in this practice for all players and can see that there would be great benefit to those playing with pain.

Jessica Renfro

Mezzo-Soprano, Opera de Firenze, Opera Delaware, Opera Company of Middlebury, Light Opera of New Jersey

In the time I have been taking lessons with him I have experienced more progress in improving my technique than any time previously. I continually get compliments on how natural and easy I look up on stage now, and every time I hear this I know that much of the credit goes to Joe's instruction in Alexander Technique. I couldn't recommend him more highly!

Christophe M.

Violinist, Pharmacist, Philadelphia, PA

I was not able to play more than 15 minutes before excruciating, stabbing pain occurred, as if someone would stuck a knife on my side while I was trying to play.​ ​I tried to ignore it, but the pleasure was gone, the pain was too intense, and I resigned myself to the irrevocable situation. I couldn't play again...


We have worked together for a few months now and I have never played with such pleasure, and with less concern about physical problems. I am a pharmacist, so well aware of what drugs can and cannot do.


I can testify that no drug would have spared me the pain AND allowed me to enjoy playing Bach again, thanks to Mr. Arnold and the Alexander Technique!

Vena Johnson

Freelance Violinist, Philadelphia

Through his thoughtful and patient practice, Joseph Arnold has helped me to discover an awareness of my physical self and its interconnectedness to all parts of my life and well-being.  Through this awareness, the smallest subtleties have empowered positive and profound changes in not only my physical health as a performer, but also my musicality and emotional well-being.  Alexander Technique has been an integral part of my growth as both a person and artist, and I owe this to Joseph Arnold's wisdom and guidance.

Alison Rigby

Freelance Violinist and Music Therapist, Philadelphia, PA

I came to Joe after experiencing some chronic pain in my arms and shoulders and neck.  I also experience a lot of anxiety on a daily basis. Through Joe's gentle encouragement and guidance, I've learned to find much greater ease in my movements, whether it be daily tasks, playing violin or doing yoga.


Until Joe, I had no awareness of the depth of tension I was holding, especially when playing violin.  Bringing awareness and beginning to create new habits has been life-changing.Joe also taught me how to take focused rest, which has made a huge difference in my energy levels and with finding ease and fluidity, as well.  Joe has a very soothing voice and very caring way and I felt very safe and comfortable working with him.

Alexander DeVaron

Temple University Music Professor

Joseph is an extremely gifted teacher of the Alexander technique. His work combines powerful hands-on guidance and exploration with skillful verbal prompts and inquiry. I have benefited tremendously from my work with him, and highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in pursuing the Alexander Technique.

Julie R.

Organist, Retired University Professor, Philadelphia, PA

My lessons with Joseph have had a dramatic effect on my everyday activities. Whether I'm chopping vegetables, playing my organ, rushing to catch a train, walking miles, or sitting at a computer, I expend much less effort and have a greater sense of ease and poise... even if I'm unhappily at the dentist. His innate patience, perceptiveness, sense of humor and broad knowledge make him an ideal teacher.

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Pain-Free Music

Musicians overcoming repetitive strain injuries, once and for all.

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